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Family Owned Butcher Shop

- SINCE 1959 -



Pellegrini’s Prime Meats, Fish & Catering is a family owned butcher shop that has been offering premium meat, delicious seafood, and full service catering in Stewart Manor, NY since 1959. We make sure that our inventory is always filled with all natural and healthy food, so customers get great value for their money every time.

Pellegrini’s inventory is filled with different meats and seafood, as well as premade wraps, heroes, appetizers, and pasta salads. We are a premiere food destination in the area and have earned the trust of many clients over the years. We also take pride in the fact that our specialty catering services have satisfied countless party organizers and attendees. We are a reliable food service supplier, known for offering fresh and tasty fare.

Butcher Cuts of Beef
Butcher Cuts of Pork
Butcher Cuts of Chicken
Butcher Cuts of Fish
Butcher Cuts of Lamb
Butcher Cuts of Duck
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Butcher Cuts of Turkey
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